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Best College in Bachelors in Fashion Design

Maniben Nanavati Women’s College known as the best fashion designing college in Mumbai because of our:

  • Highly Qualified Teaching Faculty
  • High-tech Computer Lab for CAD etc.
  • Pattern Making Lab
  • Garment Construction Lab
  • Art and Design Room
  • Smart Classrooms for virtual learning and visits
  • Air Conditioned Seminar Hall
  • Amphitheatre

As a bachelor’s in fashion design college, we believe in giving students industry exposure through guest lectures, industrial visits, and internships. Fashion Celebrities who visit our college:

  • Jay Lapasia
  • Anuj Sharma
  • Gurleen Arora
  • Binal Shah
  • Dipti Bharwani
  • Tanisha Nanavati and many more

Topics Covered in Curriculum :
Pattern Making, Garment Construction, Fashion Designing, Fashion Merchandising, Fashion Retailing, Textile Design, Fashion Styling, Fashion Communication, Fashion Journalist, Fashion Consultancy and much more.

Hands on Experience in:
Women’s Wear, Men’s Wear, Haute couture, Red Carpet Ensembles & Outfits, Indian Wear, Ethnic Wear, Kids Wear, Casual Wear, Corporate Wear, Beach Wear, Party Wear and others

Special Training in:
Case studies, Portfolio Making, Fashion Presentation, Fashion Projects and others.

Visits  to branded Fashion Houses and Hubs, Textile industries, Export houses, Garment manufacturing units, Dyeing & Printing houses, Embroidery units and Retail Houses.

Workshops on Fashions at MNWC include  Color Scheme and Fabric Study, Wardrobe Management, Introduction to Fashion Art & Style, Cycle of Fashions, Art Appreciation, Shibori Painting, Color Theory- Costume Designers and their point of view, Personal Styling and much more.

We are a 50 year old women’s college in Mumbai,  We also offer  customer relationship management course, hospital & healthcare management course, and Event & media management course, travel & tourism course.

MA psychology colleges in Mumbai.
We have students from all over Maharashtra applying for the MA Psychology program at our institute. All of our courses are accessible for enrollment at our women’s college through the completion of an online admission form available on the SNDT University website.

Maniben Nanavati Women’s College is one of the Best Colleges in Mumbai for Fashion Designing.

Step into Maniben Nanavati Women’s College and experience the exotic world of Fashions at our State- of- the -Art  Fashion Lab.

Bachelor of Fashion Design Colleges in Mumbai

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Program Outcome

Programme Objectives:

  • To introduce & acquaint students with different aspects of designing for the industry.
  • To provide a deeper understanding of various weaves and textile materials.
  • To train students in fashion illustrations to create, experiment & blend innovative designs.
  • To develop student’s ability in the fields of pattern making and drafting, garment construction & how to create product range.
  • To give students knowledge on computer aided designing tools to make them industry ready.
  • To impart skills in marketing, merchandising & entrepreneurship.

Programme Specific outcomes(PSO):

  • Students will get an overview of different facets of Fashion Industryand articulate design ideas verbally, visually, and digitally.
  • Students will have the knowledge about different textile materials and clothing product design.
  • Students will be able to adapt their artistic abilities to support their future design careers and will also develop a systematic, critical approach to problem solving at all levels of the design process.
  • Students will be well versed with pattern making and stitching and get opportunity in the garment industries as pattern maker and sewing supervisor.
  • Students will be able to create new ideas which can be used in home textile industries as textile designer.
  • Generate design preferences and styling ideas based on the purpose and theme of an event.
  • Student should be able to Assess market and consumer factors that influence apparel and textile merchandising and marketing decisions.
  • Students should be able to conceptualize and communicate creative entrepreneurial projects.

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