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An Introduction to The Institution

Bhagini Seva Mandir Kumarika Stree Mandal started Nootan Mahila College in the Arts stream in June 1972. In June 1976, following the pattern of the 10+2+3 educational system, Junior College was started.

Shree Chandulal Nanavati Women’s Institute and Girl’s High School Trust took over the management of the Nootan Mahila College in 1978. The college received permanent affiliation to the S.N.D.T. Women’s University in 1979. Now this college is well-known by the name of Maniben Nanavati Women’s College and the Junior College by the name of Tapiben Chhaganlal Lalji Valia Junior College.

Even since its inception, the College has adopted a totally integrated approach to the development of women in all spheres- social and economic. The ultimate goal is to enable women to become good citizens and housewives and at the same time gain economic independence. The college also offers extension education in the form of various certificate courses in Home Science and Diploma Courses for the women who for various reasons cannot take up full-time degree courses. It is affiliated to SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai, which has an all India Jurisdiction. It is Not affiliated to Baroda or any other University.

The commerce stream was introduced by starting B.Com. in 1978, thereby opening up new opportunities for women in the world of commerce.

Within a span of more than three decades, the college has developed into an educational institution which is fulfilling its proper role in the field of formal as well as extension education.

Maniben Nanatvati Women’s College

The Pathway

Smt. Maniben Chandulal Nanavati is known by the epithet “khadi Mata.” A freedom fighter, she worked closely with Mahatma Gandhi during the Indian freedom movement and continued to follow his ideals and philosophy all along her life. Fondly known also as “Mani Ba,” she worked relentlessly for the upliftment of women and other marginalized sections of society. An empowered woman, in times when the term was still an unheard one, she dedicated her life to promote khadi and helps hundreds of women attain economic independence.

That the institution has derived its name from such an exemplary woman is a matter of great honor. Her high values and vision have been cherished by the institution till date and will continue to do so forever.

“Empowerment of Women through Access to Higher Education,” has been the mission statement of the College since its inception. Bhagini Seva Mandir Kumarika Stree Mandal (BSMKSM) started Nootan Mahila College in 1972. The Foundation stone of BMSKMS was laid by Mahatma Gandhi. In 1978, Shree Chandulal Nanavati Women’s institute & Girls’ High School took over the management of Nootan Mahila College and renamed it Maniben Nanavati Women’s Colleges (MNWC). In 1979, the College received permanent affiliation with SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai.

MNWC bridges the past to present. Established with the vision of offering conventional academic programmes to the women from the close by vicinity, the College took major leaps time and again to match the pace with the needs of the changing world. Almost half a century back, women who were first generation college-goers ( and for that matter school, too) got the much desired opportunity here to step out of their domestic circuits and upgrade themselves in the areas of home-economics and socio-cultural dynamics. They were the silent sentinels preserving the rich culture and tradition of a great nation. Yet, in their own capacity and manner, they made their discreet contribution to the development of the nation.

At the turn of the century, as the global scenario changed, young women ushered into the new era of electronics, computers and digitalization. While still preserving the legacy of the rich Indian tradition, they took up the challenges of the changing modern India and contribute to be the equal partners in the progress of the nation. Proud to be affiliated to the centurion SNDT Women’s University, the College has offered opportunities to women of more than three generations to become economically and socially self-sufficient.

Although a women’s college, gender sensitization, development and empowerment are among the core values of the institution. Academics, research, employability skills, internship, placement ,entrepreneurship, community outreach projects, National Social scheme (NSS), National Cadet Corps (NCC), Youth Red Cross, Rotaract Club, Sports, Yoga, Value Education and various other programmes mould, shape and prepare young women at MNWC. So when they enter MNWC with thousands of dreams and aspirations to prove their worth in the world of rat race, after completing their education here, they step out with a gait of overbearing confidence, dignity and self-efficacy.

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