Scholarship And Freeship

Scholarships – Need based and Merit based -have been offered to students since the inception of the college work.

A committee looking into it was formed in the early eighties to formalize the process of supporting the needy students and felicitating students for their excellent academic performances. Eventually students excelling in extra-curricular and co curricular activities were also added to the objectives of the committee.


  • To offer financial aid and support to needy students for fees and freeships
  • To felicitate the toppers and rank holders at College and University level
  • To recognize the outstanding contribution of students in the fields of extra and co-curricular activities
  • To honour the teaching and non teaching faculty members for their recognition and
    outstanding contribution to their areas of specialization


Due to the COVID -19 pandemic and the lockdown crisis, many students had decided to drop out because of the financial crisis in the family owing to the losss of employment and jobs of parents.

The College took special initiatives and measures to convince parents to secure admissions of their daughters in the new academic year. Concession forms were distributed to students which were sent to a special email id for consideration. More than 100 students were given concession of 25 percent in fees. Instalment facilities were given to students. The fees of the students who could not pay the first instalment were paid by the college. One student was given total freeship.

The Scholarship committee organizes the Annual Degree Certificate distribution function. Eminent personalities are invited as Guest of Honour to felicitate our toppers. The rankers receive their Graduation degrees in the presence of August gathering which includes the members of Managing Committee, The Principal, Supervisor faculty members, Invitees and Parents. The dress code is as per University which is white colour. The University toppers are given trophies and certificates. The students are motivated by the inspiring and encouraging words of the Guests.

Scholarships are awarded to students :

  • Need based Scholarships:  Need-based scholarships are awarded to candidates who belong to financially weaker sections. This kind of scholarships is awarded to the candidates who are keen to complete their education and are willing to move ahead in life to achieve their goals.
    The College has always appreciated and tried to retain such students who belong to economically weaker sections of the society. The Scholarship Committee recognises such students and provide a helping hand to them.
  • Merit based scholarships: It’s rightly said that “Champions keep playing until they get it right.” by – Billie Jean .You don’t get any medal for trying something, you get medals for results.” – Bill Parcells
    The meritorious students are awarded for their academic excellence in their respective streams. The Scholarship Committee rewards the students for the same by offering them monetary awards.
  • Prizes to students for performing in extra and co-Curricular Activities: Excellence, Extracurricular achievements, NSS and NCC Participation, Inter Collegiate events participation and lot more. Along with the members of the IQAC, Examination, Student Council, PTA, NSS and NCC committees, The Scholarship Committee works together to felicitate students who have shown extraordinary qualities and performance in various fields and thereby encourage them to be role models for their juniors to follow their paths. The following awards are given:
    Tejomayee: As the name suggests Tejomayee means brightness. The College recognises such shining stars and awards them. This Award is presented to the hardworking and dedicated students of our College.
    Jyotirmayee: The College recognises the best of the lot who is an all rounder and is an inspiration to all.Such a student is awarded with Jyotirmayee award.
    Anmol Ratna: The College belongs to all of its students and encourages ‘participation by all’ approach. Definitely the word ‘all’ includes all those special students who require special attention like slow learners and learners with disability. This award is given to appreciate such students.
    Seayam Siddha: To begin with the quotes ” Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” – Henry Ford. So definitely the College offers a chance to learn and shine for the second time to our Adult Learners and motivates them through Seayam Siddha Award.
    Sur Tarangini: Music is a way to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion. The College definitely believes and appreciate such talent and gives the Sur Taringini award to the aspiring singers.
    Ujwal Pratibha : It is rightly said that “True leadership stems from individuality that is honestly and sometimes imperfectly expressed… Leaders should strive for authenticity over perfection.” – by Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook.
  • Awards and Recognitions for Teaching and Non Teaching Faculty members: The college has always encouraged research activities taken by the faculty. The teachers who have completed Major or Minor Research or their Doctorate degree are recognised and awarded by the college. The teaching or non teaching faculties who have been associated with the college for 20 years or more are felicitated with plaque of honour by the college at the Annual Scholarship and Prize distribution function.

The College welcomes donors and philanthropists to join us in supporting our noble mission of empowering women through access to higher education. Some of the donors who have come forward to help us :

  • Smt. Sunderbai Thackersy
  • Matushri Kundangauri Sanghvi
  • Shri Manubhai Maganlal (Limdi)
  • Smt. Indiraben Manubhai (Limdi)
  • Smt. Chandraben Patel Trust
  • Smt. Chandrulata Pranlal Patel
  • Amrutlal Foundation
  • Lions Juhu
  • Smt. Jadavben Vanmalidas Doshi
  • Smt. Manjulaben Kantilal Deliwala
  • Juhu Jagruti
  • Shri Jagmohandas Gokuldas Sanghavi
  • Shri Chhotalal Bhaichand Vora
  • Smt. Rukshmaniben Tapidas Sanghavi
  • Shri Manmohandas Muljibhai Kanakia
  • Smt. Ambaben Somabhai Patel
  • Smt. Diwaliben Ramanbhai Patel
  • Shri Karsandas Vishram Valia
  • Smt. Kamalaben Mafatlal Mehta
  • Smt. Sunderben Kalyanbhai Nanavati
  • Smt. Jamnabai Narsi
  • Shri Kantilal Dwarkadas Gandhi]
  • Smt. Shantaben K. Gandhi
  • Shri Chimanlal Bhikhabhai Shah
  • Smt. Vidhyaben Nagindas Mehta
  • Smt. Vimalaben Chimanlal Shah
  • Shri Jethabhai Chhaganlal Valia
  • Shri Shantibhai Chimanlal Sheth
  • Asian Paints
  • Amar Charitable Trust
  • Smt. Jamnabai Narsi
  • Shri Maganlal Prabhudas
  • Smt. Chandaben Mohanbhai Patel
  • Shri Chandulal Bhikhabhai Shah
  • Smt. Kantaben Chandulal Shah
  • Smt. Najabai Faramaroz Vasniayana
  • Smt. Ashadevi Mehra
  • Smt. Jaswanti Ramniklal
  • Shri Pratapbhai Patel
  • Shri Chandrasen Merchant (SHP Trust)
  • One India, One People (NGO)
  • Rotary Club of Bombay West
  • Club of Bombay Sea-coast
  • Lions Club of Juhu Dist. 3231-A3
  • Mrs. Usha Chattopadhyay
  • Mrs. Jaimini Salot
  • Mrs. Purnima Sheth
  • Mrs. Asmita Bhatia
  • Shri Anil Chavan
  • Mrs. Nirzari Vora
  • Shri Ajay Shah & Angela Shri Pratapbhai Patel
  • Shri Chandrasen Merchant (SHP Trust)
  • Sahachari Foundation
  • Khadi Mandir
  • Dr. Vibhuti Patel
  • Ms. Madhuri Munim
  • Rotary Club of Bombay Airport
  • Innerwheel Club of Bombay Airport
  • One India, One People (NGO)
  • Inner Club of Bombay Sea-coast
  • Lions Club of Juhu Dist. 3231-A3
  • Anugrah Charitable Trust
  • Mr. Jayantilal Dalal
  • Mr. Umang Ajitkumar Bhatt
  • Ms. Bhama Patel
  • Ms. Aruna Patel
  • Ms. Tima Patel
  • Prof. Arunaben Trivedi
  • Amol Mehta & Madhu Mehta
  • Manjulaben Patel
  • IWC of Bombay Airport Area Charitable Trust
  • Sachin J. Nanavati
  • Nimesh Shah
  • Ashadeep Charitable Trust
  • Shri Ahmedbhai Lunat and Shri Shabbirbhai Karolia
  • Sumant Naik
  • Bhupen Parekh
  • SAS India Ltd
  • Mrs. Devangi Vakharia

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