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Maniben Nanavati Women’s College has an excellent updated fully air-condition library, which supports the teaching-learning and research programme of the institute. The library services are automated with SLIM 21 Library Management Software & it’s utilized for Books searching, reporting, circulation and various other functions. Barcode and QR code technologies are implemented in the library. OPAC facility is also provided by the library which helps the users to locate reading materials by Title, Author & Subjects.

Library has subscribed NLIST & J-gate databases. Nlist database provide access to e-resources (6,000+ e-journals and 31, 35,000+ ebooks). Jgate has access to millions of journal articles available online offered by 14,482 Publishers.

Library has subscribed drillbit antiplagiarism software. Software detecting plagiarism in documents, Its Supports National & International languages the service can be availed for the faculty and students of the college.

The library collection at present includes 40276 Books, 69 periodicals, 10 newspapers (Available in English, Hindi, Gujarati & Marathi Language) 2247 Bound Volumes & 851 AV Resources. Free internet facility in the cyberspace availed by many users. Reading Room facility, Reprographic services provided in the library.

Library Advisory Committee

Library has an active Library Advisory Committee and the meetings are held twice a year. The committee consists of the Principal, Librarian, and Vice Principal of Degree College, Vice Principal of Junior College, IQAC Coordinator, Heads of Departments, Coordinator of B.Com (AFI), BMS PG and BNCDC

Functions of the Library Advisory Committee

  • To suggest, recommend and purchase library resources
  • Library Automation
  • To formulate library policies
  • To take the decision on an administrative and technical matters

Composition of the Library Advisory Committee

Chairman: Dr Rajshree Trivedi

Secretary: Mrs Sheetal Sawant


  • Dr Rita Patil
  • Twinkle Sanghavi
  • Rekha Kaklotkar
  • Ravindra Katyayan
  • Anuja Deshpande
  • Cicilia Chettiar
  • Ms Pranaya Revandkar
  • Swati Partani
  • Geeta Varun
  • Kavita Sonde
  • Hardik Majithia
  • Vrinda Mathur
  • Kinjal Patel
  • Mrs Sudha Narkar
  • Ms Aruna Gotad

Library Timings

Monday to Friday: 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Saturday: 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM

During Vacation: 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Library Users No. of Cards & Books Borrow Period
Jr. Students 1 7 Days
Sr. Students 1 7 Days
M.A 2 7 Days
M.Com 2 7 Days
B.M.S 2 7 Days
B.A.F 2 7 Days
Guest Members 2 15 Days

Mrs. Sheetal Sawant
Designation – Librarian
Date of Appointment – 15/7/2010

Ms. Aruna Gotad
Designation – Junior Clerk
Date of Appointment – 8/9/2004

Ms. Shubhashree Pawaskar
Designation – JR. Library Assistant
Date of Appointment – 11/7/2018

Mrs. Meghal Majithia
Designation – JR. Library Assistant
Date of Appointment – 10/1/2022

Mr. Kachru Jadhav
Designation – Library Attendant
Date of Appointment – 16/6/1982

Mr. Suresh Chalke
Designation – Library Attendant
Date of Appointment –1/7/1985

Mr. Rajendra Rathod
Designation – Library Attendant
Date of Appointment – 22/6/1993

Ms. Jaya Supat
Designation – Library Cleaner
Date of Appointment – 8/9/2016

News Papers

  • Times of India
  • Mumbai Mirror
  • Economic Times
  • Indian Express
  • Gujarat Samachar
  • Janmbhoomi
  • Mumbai Samachar (Gujarati)
  • Navbharat Times
  • Maharashtra Times
  • Divya Bhaskar

Library Services

Home Lending: Students are allowed to take books against their library cards only. Users have to return the books on and before the mentioned date otherwise penalty of Rs 2/- charged against overdue materials.

Book Bank Facility:
Book Bank facility is provided by the library. In this facility, students are allowed to take sets of textbook semester wise, after completion of academic year students have to submit all the books to the library.

Internet Facility:
Free internet facility is provided to all the users in the cyberspace.

Library users are getting access to library resources through OPAC. They can search for books by author, title, subjects and keywords.

Reprographic Service:
This service includes Xerox, printouts and scanning of the document which can be availed by library users.

Library Display:
On the occasion of imp days like Gandhi Jayati, Independence Day, student’s day library resources are displayed in the library.

Reading Room Facility:
Reading room facility is provided to all the library users who want to read the books within the library.

Open access to the periodical section:
We are providing open access to the periodical section which helps students in their project work and teachers for their research work.

Library Orientation:
Library orients freshers for effective utilization of the library services  at the beginning of every year.

Guest Membership:
This facility is offered to Ex staff, alumni members, Parents and those who wants to avail library service.

Reference Service:
library have a good collection of reference sources which helps in providing reference service to the users on demand.

Inter Library Loan Service:
This facility enables us to request books from other libraries and lend our books to other libraries as the demand comes.

Journal Content Page:
Content page of selected journals are scanned and sent to all the department heads through email and the hard copy is also circulated to respected heads.

Bibliographic compilation:
Annual compilation of reading list given to staff as per demand

Library Activities

Annual Book Exhibition

Movie Screening on Occasion of Students Day

Workshop on “Literature Search & Reference Management” for PG students

Library Orientation

Joint Director Visit to Library 22nd July 2017

Workshop on “Search Techniques” for M.Com students 5th October 2017

Quiz Competition “To know your Library” 23rd August 2017

OPAC Training to Senior College Teachers 2nd February 2018

Vachan Prerna Diwas Celebrated on 15th October 2017

Best Reader Award to Dr. Sejal Shah 27th January 2018

Sale cum Book Exhibition 14-15 December 2017

Mr. Jadhav Won Prize on Sports Day 21st December 2017


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Library Rules & Regulations
  1. Library Card is compulsory for all library users
  2. Please maintain silence in the library.
  3. Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited. If any users are found talking on the phone strict action will be taken against that person.
  4. Eating in the library strictly prohibited.
  5. Do not Disturb furniture arrangement of Library
  6. Students have to sign in the visitor register before entering in the library
  7. If any students wants any books on their ID cards then they have to make entry in the current reading register available at Library Circulation Counter
  8. Students have to make an entry in the register before accessing Internet Facility in the cyber space.
  9. Students are requested to keep the magazines / Journals in their respective places after use.
  10. No library material will be taken out of the library without the permission of the Librarian.
  11. Books/Periodicals or any other library material will be issued only on production of a valid Library-card.
  12. No library Material can be issued to a person on someone else’s Library-Card.
  13. If book bank books are not returned on time fine of Rs. 1/- Per day per book will be charge.
  14. Degree college student can borrow one book for a period of 07 days.
  15. PG students can borrow two books for a period of 7 days
  16. A Late fine of Rs.2 will charged per book per day
  17. Students should inspect the condition of the book before borrowing it and inform the Library Staff about the missing or torn pages if any. Otherwise the concerned student will be held responsible for the same later at the time of returning the book.
  18. If a book is lost, the concerned person has to replace the lost book with a new book or pay the original cost of the book and 20% extra charges
  19. If the book issued for current reading not return on same day the fine of Rs. 5.00/- per day will be charged
  20. A new Library Card can only be issued after paying a fine of Rs.50 in the accounts department.
  21. For Getting LC if the students are not having their library card the fine of Rs.10/- will be charge from the students.
  22. Reference Books will not be home issue to any library users.
  23. Xerox facility available @ Rs 0.50 per page
  24. Black & White Print out – Rs 5.00/- Per page
  25. Colour Print out – Rs 15/- Per page
  26. Document Scanning per page – Rs 5.00/-

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