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Established: 1982

The undergraduate department of Psychology is a thriving, fully equipped department with many success stories from the faculty and the students. Our students have consistently won laurels for the department and the college. They have consistently been University Toppers, College Presidents, winners of college, university and national level competitions. In the past 5 years students have presented research papers at national level conferences and even won awards for their research. The faculty team believes in all round student development and encourages students to chase their dreams wherever it may take them. Students of psychology benefit from the vast experiences of the faculty and the external resources engaged for their exposure.


Collaborations with NGOS’, corporate and wellness agencies like Inner Hour, Therappo, Insight Counselling Services, Vrudhi Foundation, Prafulta Psychological Services, Art of Living Foundation, World Federation of Warriers and ARDSI have all led to events that reach out to the community and provide students an opportunity to intern and work with experts in the field of mental health in India. Psycho phonics (with the support of Indian Oil), World Mental Health Day and other days relevant to the cause of well being are celebrated with great enthusiasm where students take the lead in organizing, coordinating with various agencies and building a network that can support them professionally and emotionally even after graduation.

Awards, Honors & Recognitions

Category Numbers
University Toppers 3
Student Council President 4
Student Research President 10
Nanavati Queens 3
Teacher Publications 11


They have been certified by various international bodies like WHO, APA and Yale University for various courses completed with them. They are well known in their respective specializations.

The faculty members are firm believers in going beyond the syllabus to provide the students a peek into the latest advances in the field. Active usage of social media and computer assisted teaching aids allow them to present a rich teaching learning experience that can keep students engaged for long periods of time. Student assignments are creative and tailor made to meet the needs and interests of each batch and not just as per statutory requirements They have presented and published papers and books, nationally and internationally. They are often quoted by the media on issues related to mental health. The department prides itself on having one of the best equipped laboratories in the city.

The faculty team are involved with the Post graduate teaching and coordinating within the college and also as active members of the Board of Studies at the University. They are involved in syllabus formation and in student mentoring across the years. They are regularly invited as experts by various other organisations and institutes to share their expertise

Dr. Cicilia Chettiar

HOD, university Bos Member

Dr. Anuja Deshpande

P.G. Coordinator

Ms. Shirin Plasterwala

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