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Modern life with all its stressors can make day-to-day living very challenging for everyone. This is alarmingly so for the young students as they may not possess the coping skills and strategies required to face the burdens of life. MNWC wishes to give our young students a shoulder to lean on while they grapple with complexities in their academic life, peer groups, family life and even professional lives.

Along with supporting those who may be unsteady, the college also wishes to further nurture those who are already on firm ground but would like further direction and guidance so that they may soar through life with ease and excellence. For such students, structured, value-based mentoring and steering can prove to be extremely valuable in their search for purpose and meaning.

The post graduate department of Psychology conducts the Counseling Cell called “Swayam”, with the sole aim of providing the students personal, academic, career and emotional guidance. Counselors provide this service free of charge to students of the college. The institution recognises that complications are part of everyone’s lives, be they students, teachers or staff. So all those under the roof of MNWC are welcome to avail of the counselling facilities provided by trained counsellors. The community can also avail of these services for a fee.

Multidisciplinary approach is provided under one roof for all the stakeholders. The centre is well equipped with various facilities and strong team of Mental Health professionals & experts.

Vision: Well Being for All


  • Provide a non-judgmental, non-threatening space for all
  • Identify sources of unhealthy, maladjusted behaviour in clients
  • Teach clients to replace them with healthy, well-adjusted behaviours.
  • Provide tools and strategies to deal with stressors in client’s lives
  • Enable excellence in various life spheres through growth strategies for stable well-adjusted clients

The counsellor’s room is discreetly maintained on the 5th floor to ensure privacy and calmness for those seeking help. Ms Sonal B. Jani, the counsellor, is available by appointment on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 9 am to 12 noon. Those seeking an appointment are requested to contact her ONLY through SMS or Whatsapp on +91 982 090 2459.

Facilities Available

  • Psychological testing
  • Counseling
  • Remediation
  • Career Guidance & Counseling

The Counseling Process

  • Referral Process
  • Self – Referral
  • Referrals by
    • Teachers
    • Peers
    • Principal
    • Staff

Assessment & Appraisal

The counsellor first meets the client after an appointment has been fixed at a mutually convenient time. If the client is a student, attempts are made to ensure the student doesn’t miss class unnecessarily. In case of emergencies, the counsellor will not wait for the appointment and may even decide that the student can miss a class. In such cases the counsellor will keep track of number of classes missed and in case of an attendance concern at a later point only then will she reveal to the teacher concerned the student’s presence at counselling and absence from class. Even at this point, the student’s difficulties are not shared with the teachers.

Treatment Plan

Once the assessment has been done, the counsellor will set some counselling goals in collaboration with the client concerned. In case the counsellor feels a family member or a colleague needs to be involved, the decision is taken after permission has been secured by the client. In severe cases, the client may be referred to a psychiatrist.


On successful resolution of conflicts and meeting of the counselling goals, the client – counsellor relationship is terminated.


The counsellor maintains meticulous case files with detailed notes per session, per client. The format for the same is as prescribed by the PG dept of Psychology, MNWC. These files are maintained in hard copy by the counsellor and kept under lock and key. A feedback from every client is maintained in the feedback journal as an unbiased measure of the counselling success and which can be displayed to authorities only if the client permits it.

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