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Part I: Report

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1 Executive Summary View / Download
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1 Profile of the Affiliated / Constituent College View / Download

Part II: Criteria-wise Analytical Report

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1.1.1 Supporting Document View/download
Curriculum Delivery: Policy & Procedure View/download
1.2.1 Brochure/ Certificates/ Course Module & Outcome View/download
List of Students & Attendance View/download
Evidence of course completion apart from above View/download
1.2.2 Supporting Document View/download
1.3.1 Supporting Documents View/download
Additional Information View/download
1.3.2 Supporting Document View/download
Additional Information View/download
1.4.1 Feedback Analysis Report View/download
Filled Feedback Form View/download
Action Taken Report View/download
Additional Information View/download
Feedback and Performance Appraisal View/download
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2.1.1 Enrolment List View/download
Document relating to sanction of intake as approved by the HEI View/download
Additional Information View/download
2.1.2 Final Admission List indicating the category View/download
Copy of the letter issued by the State govt. or Central Government Indicating the reserved categories View/download
Additional Information View/download
2.2.1 Supporting Documents View/download
2.3.1 Supporting Documents View/download
2.4.1 Government Sanction letters View/download
Translation of Government Sanction letters View/download
Management Sanction letters View/download
2.4.2 Supporting Documents View/download
2.5.1 Supporting Documents View/download
2.6.1 Supporting Documents View/download
2.6.2 Supporting Documents View/download
2.6.3 Annual Report of Controller of Examinations (COE) View/download
Certified Report from Head of the Institution View/download
Additional Information View/download
2.7.1 Supporting Documents View/download
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3.1.1 Supporting Documents View/download
3.2.1 Supporting Documents View/download
Memorandum of Understanding View/download
3.2.2 Supporting Documents View/download
3.3.1 Link re-directing to journal source-cite website in case of digital journals View/download
Links to the paper published in journals listed in UGC CARE list or View/download
Link to the uploaded papers, the first page/full paper View/download
Additional Information View/download
3.3.2 Copy of the Cover page, content page and first page of the publication indicating ISBN number and year of publication for books/chapters View/download
List of chapter/book along with the links redirecting to the source website View/download
Additional Information View/download
3.4.1 Supporting Documents View/download
3.4.2 Supporting Documents View/download
3.4.3 Detailed Report for each extension and outreach program View/download
Photographs and any other supporting document of relevance should have proper captions and dates View/download
Additional Information View/download
3.5.1 List and Copies of documents indicating the functional MoUs/linkage/collaborations View/download
Summary of the functional MoUs/linkage/collaboration View/download
List of year wise activities and exchange should be provided View/download
Additional Information View/download
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4.1.1 Supporting Document View/download
4.1.2 Audited Expenditure Statement View/download
Additional Information View/download
4.2.1 Supporting Document View/download
Library Rules and Regulations View/download
4.3.1 Supporting Document View/download
ICT Policy View/download
4.3.2 Purchased Bills View/download
Extracts Stock Register View/download
Additional Information View/download
4.4.1 Audited Income and Expenditure Statement View/download
Additional Information View/download
Repairs and Maintenance Procedures and Policy View/download
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5.1.1 Students Benefited by Scholarships and Free ships View/download
Sanction letter of Scholarship and Free ships View/download
Scholarship Policy View/download
5.1.2 Report with Photos on Soft Skills, Language and Communication Skills View/download
Report with photographs on ICT/ Computing skills enhancement Programs View/download
ICT Policy View/download
5.1.3 Supporting Document View/download
Memorandum of Understanding View/download
5.1.4 Implementation of guidelines of statutory/ regulatory bodies View/download
Organization wide Awareness and Undertaking on Policies with Zero Tolerance View/download
Mechanisms for Submission of Students’ Grievances View/download
Timely Redressal of the Grievances View/download
Annual report of the committee motioning the activities and number of grievances View/download
ICC Policy View/download
Memorandum of Understanding View/download
5.2.1 List of Students Placed along with Placement Details View/download
List of Students Progressing for Higher Education View/download
Additional Information View/download
5.2.2 Students Qualifying in State/National/International level examinations View/download
5.3.1 Supporting Document View/download
Award letters and certificates View/download
Additional Information View/download
5.3.2 Supporting Document View/download
5.4.1 Supporting Document View/download
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6.1.1 Supporting Documents View/download
6.2.1 Institutional Perspective Plan View/download
Additional Information View/download
Appointments and Resignations Policy View/download
Code of Conduct for Grant in Aid Teachers View/download
Code of conduct for Self-Financed Courses/Contract Based Teachers View/download
6.2.2 Screen shots of User Interfaces of each Module View/download
Institutional expenditure statements for the budget heads of e-governance implementation ERP Document View/download
Annual E-Governance report View/download
Additional Information View/download
6.3.1 Supporting Documents View/download
Welfare and Development Policy View/download
6.3.2 Policy document on providing financial support to teachers View/download
List of Teachers receiving Financial Support with Documents View/download
Audited statement of account highlighting the financial support to teachers to attend conferences View/download
Welfare and Development Policy View/download
6.3.3 Faculty Orientation or other programmes as per UGC/AICTE stipulated periods View/download
Copy of the certificates of the program attended by teachers View/download
Annual reports highlighting the programmes undertaken by the teachers View/download
6.4.1 Supporting Documents View/download
Policy for Mobilization and Optimal Utilization of Fund and Resources View/download
6.5.1 Supporting Documents View/download
Memorandum of Understanding View/download
Quest Policy View/download
6.5.2 Quality Audit Reports View/download
NIRF Report, AAA Report and Details on Follow Up Actions View/download
List of Collaborative quality initiatives with other institution(s) along with brochures and geo-tagged photos with caption and date View/download
Link to Minute of IQAC meetings, hosted on HEI website View/download
Additional Information View/download
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7.1.1 Supporting Documents View/download
ICC Policy View/download
7.1.2 Green Campus Policy View/download
Divyangjan Policy View/download
Geo-tagged photos/videos of the facilities View/download
Report of Activities View/download
Bills for the Purchase of Equipments View/download
Memorandum of Understanding View/download
7.1.3 Report on Environmental promotion and Sustainability Activities View/download
Green Campus Policy View/download
Green audit/Environmental Audit Report View/download
Energy Audit View/download
Certificates of the Awards Received from Recognized Agency View/download
Memorandum of Understanding View/download
7.1.4 Supporting Documents View/download
Memorandum of Understanding View/download
7.2.1 Best Practice 1 View/download
Best Practice 2 View/download
7.3.1 Supporting Documents View/download

8.Post-Reaccreditation InitiativesView / Download

9.Declaration By The Head Of The InstitutionView / Download