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Bachelor of Commerce

About Department

Establishment: 1979

Objectives: To strengthen Student’s proficiency in knowledge, professional ethics and imbibe positive human values for a successful lifeahead.

Specialization Subjects offered by the Department for Graduation Level

Teaching Learning Strategy

Innovative teaching methods are used for impactful out comes by using Google Forms, Google Classroom, Flipped Learning, PPT, Training Modules, Map Plotting, Zoom Classroom and Webinars. Organizing of Conferences, Seminar, Guest Lectures & Workshops enhances their Experiential Learning.

Visits are organised for practical exposure consistently to Industries, Banks and Consumer Court, Old Age Home, Orphanage and Home for children can cerpatients for Social Sensitizing.

Skill Development Programme

To built self employability, Skill Development Programmes are conducted like Best out of Waste, Finpreneurs, Software like–MS-Excel, Online Ticketing, LICA gent ship IRDA Exam.

Imparting Education to the students of ZP & BMC School as an Extension Work.

Students carry out Survey through Field work for Department Research activity and competitions which won prizes.

Internship & Placements

  • Polycab India
  • Dehorizon Travels
  • The Departures
  • Veena World
  • JET Freight

MOU’s & Linkages

“COM VISION” Volume 1 is the first Publication of the Department where in students contributed their articles.

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