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The IQAC stated offering Mentoring facilities to the students since August 2016. A One-Day workshop on ‘Student Mentoring’ was organized on29th July 2016 . Prof. Silpi Gupta from IBS Business School conducted the workshop for teachers to train them how to conduct mentoring sessions and how to offer academic mentoring to students. Following the workshop, the practice of mentoring was formalized from August 2016 onwards. Each student is covered under mentorship by the Teacher -Mentees. Each teacher has been allocated 30 to 35 students for mentoring. A master time table has been made so as to conduct mentoring sesion once a month for each student. It was decided that only academic mentoring and related issues to be covered. Guidelines were prepared and shared with teachers . Records were to be maintained in files and the format for the same had been shared with them.

Mentoring Guidelines

  • Once a month (preferably during the second week) on the stipulated day for 40 minutes between August and March every year. If required, the mentors may engage extra sessions depending upon the need of the mentee(s)
  • Teachers should do only academic mentoring which could cover some of the issues such as discussing attendance/ leave problems, internal assessment or semester final examination patterns, evaluation patterns learning problems, performance in exams, guidance for add-on courses and others. However, they may not restrict themselves to only these issues.
  • While filling the Mentoring Record sheets, mentors may use additional sheets for writing the report of the mentoring session.
  • Teachers should submit their files every three months to Principal for reviewing.
  • Teachers should maintain their mentoring record for five years beginning from August 2016.

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