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Date of Commencement of Dept.: 1972

Every year this Department rolls out graduates with a strong commitment to contribute to society in their own capacities. Students from diverse academic and social backgrounds – from economically challenged minorities to the ones who wish to transform their lives to become self-sufficient and move towards upward social mobility; from the mediocre to bright ones, from average to weaker ones opt for Sociology as their Discipline Component. The Department embraces them all and offers various platforms of equity to excel in academics, research, soft skills,
employment opportunities and community work. Be it field work, surveys or innovations in student-centric teaching-learning methods, internships or research based studies, the Department offers endless opportunities to students to excel in a wide range of activities. The outcomes are indeed rewarding- many of them who are first generation college and at time school goers bring us pride when they excel in academics and win prizes in co-curricular and extra-curricular, research and other competitions. Overcoming all kinds of challenges at familial, community, social and most importantly at financial levels, these students complete their graduation. After completing their graduation, students opt for progression not only in the field of sociology but also for studying law, education, management, women’s studies and others. Our alumni are lawyers, teachers, entrepreneurs, HR Representatives.


  • To introduce students to the concepts, processes, methods and theories in the field of Sociology and gain a comprehensive understanding of the subject
  • To train students to acquire ability to apply principles of Sociology to the real life situations
  • To offer insights to students to identify social issues in connection with gender issues, Demography population like Urban, Rural and Tribal Sociology, poverty, environmental degradation, Industrial Sociology and many more topics.
  • To sensitize students to social problems and challenges by facilitating interactions with the surrounding communities and society

Teaching-Learning Methods

The department provides varied opportunities with learning, skills and knowledge through the various papers taught. The syllabi include the classical and the contemporary topics, various issues and problems. Students are sensitized and provided the means and measures to overcome and tackle them. Students also learn about the role and importance of government agencies and the NGO’s. They are exposed to the various NGO’s to learn the objectives; goals and the work done by them and also participate and contribute by providing their services as interns. Research and theory papers help them to develop spirit of inquiry ie. why? how? so as to think about the various social issues cropping up in society and find solutions to them through research and discussions.

The Department also gives exposure to the outside world by having people from Industry and eminent speakers who share and give insights on the various topics and help them to deal with issues and provide insights. The collaborative NGO’s also provide training to our students on Gender and other topics.

Department provides e-resources and e-assignments to students to add to their existing body of knowledge, which develops and promotes e-learning among them. Regular PPT presentations along with discussions are held in class to develop critical thinking among them.

Visits to Industries, various social centres and films on social issues are a very important part of our learning process and done regularly.


The following NGO’s and Centres have offered internships to our students in Mumbai:

Skill Development

  • 23 students were provided add on Certificate Course in Travel and Tourism called ‘Yatra’ to get jobs in Tourism Industry in 2018-19
  • In year 2019-20 College introduced TISS programme for students where our students took up courses like Hospital Service Management and Digital Marketing at minimal cost for students
  • Skill Development Course YATRA was initiated by the Dept. to make students familiar with new field in their course, which they can explore for their future profession

Awards, Honors & Recognitions

  • Won 3rd Prize for the Street Play on Dowry on 30th November 2019.
  • 5 students participated at leadership training camp; RYLA at Kolad, Ms. Renuka Prajapati won Miss RYLA for 2016-17
  • Ms. Drishti Lalwani was felicitated by the Akhil Bhartiya Sindhi Sangham on 9th March 2020. She was also felicitated as Best NSS Volunteer for 2019-20
  • Students regularly participate in Pinkathon and other Marathons every year
  • Ms. Kajal Kandoi worked as an intern with NGO Trishul from the year 2017-18 and was appreciated by the NGO and her contribution was published on website of Trishul

Extension Work

Following programmes held at college, intercollege and university levels for the following social causes:

  • Rallies and Street Plays on Anti-Dowry campaign with Anti Dowry Movement, an NGO
  • Awareness campaign for the spread of Literacy
  • Puppet Show on Small Family Norms
  • Street Play and Display of Charts on spreading awareness against AIDS
  • Celebrating Important Days like International Day of the Persons with Disabilities, Women’s Day, International Day of Women and girls in Science, AIDS Awareness.
  • Celebration of International Women’s Day along with Women Development Cell of the college
  • Community Project SNEH—Reaching out to the community and under privilege people. Students associate them self to the NGO and work in the community and also do internship. 30 hours’ extension work and internship at reputed NGOs: Kumudben Owarkadas Vura Industrial Home for Blind Women, The Saint Terresa Missionaries of Chairty, Sneha Sadan, Triratna Prerna Mandal Nagar, Vacha Charitable Trust, Kalyanibai Chhaganbai Nanavaty Special School for Mentally Challenged, TRISHUL
  • Environment Project- Chaitanya- Dept. has always created environment awareness project Green Angel, Quilt Making and Cloth Bag making are the activities are under taken


  • Dr. Twinkle Sanghavi has published six papers during 2015-2020. She was awarded her PhD in 2018.
  • Ms. Prerna S Ramteke has published 9 (nine) research papers during 2015-2020.
  • 27 Students trained for participation in Intercollege Research Paper competitions.
  • Two students remarkably won the 3rd prize at one of the intercollege research competitions.

Surveys conducted:

  • Syllabus of TYBA includes Paper on Research Methodology and our SYBA students conduct a survey in their own locality to collect the data of around 25 families every year on the topic like “Safe Drinking water”, “Salt Workers and their problems”.
  • As part of Research Paper presentation students conducted survey and collected data from 40 women working at Creative Handicrafts, an NGO involved in empowering women.


In 2017-18 Dept. had organized two days Content Analysis and Question bank making workshop for the Faculty of the field of Sociology reaching across all affiliated college of SNDT for Sem V of BA III.

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