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Maniben Nanavati North-East Cell is established in the college in the year 2020. With the rise of racial discrimination against the people from North East region of India, MNNEC was formed to create a congenial atmosphere in which students from North East States feel safe and secure. In the last couple of years, there has been a growing increase in the number of students from North East enrolling in our college.

The cell is formed with a view to address issues and concerns of students from North-East states studying in the college, so as to ensure them a homely environment far away from home.

Aims and Objectives

  • To promote the Spirit of Fraternity and Unity in Diversity as a step towards National
  • To work towards amalgamation of the lesser known cultures and traditions of students of North-East states into the mainstream.
  • To provide a platform for North and East students of the college to showcase and spread awareness about the diverse and magnificent, cultures and traditions of North East states.
  • To ensure that any kind of discrimination and harassment is prevented
  • To sensitize students on issues relating to security, cultural and linguistic concerns.
  • To sensitise the larger communities about issues faced by North East Students.

Activities of the Cell

  • Tourism Day
  • Seminars
  • Setting food stalls on special occasions
  • Student exchange
  • Traditional Performance,
  • Literary Festivals
  • Visits
  • Exhibitions

Committee Members

  • Dr.Rajshree Trivedi – Principal
  • Dr.Rita Patil – Nodal Officer for AICTE
  • Ms.Shraddha, Ms. Vandana Keni, Mr. Naresh Lad, Ms. Annabel Rebello

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