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Trans-Jan “A Conversation with the members of the Transgender”

RAAH Initiative along with Nishtha Nishant-Kesav Suri Foundation invites you all to attend the event on 22nd November at 6:45 pm, Sunday.

Trans-jan: A conversation with the members of the Transgender community
Every year 20th November, activists around the world commemorate “The Transgender Day of Remembrance” (TDOR) to honor and remember the innocent Transgender folks who were killed as a result of Transphobia.
Transphobia could be eradicated if there is enough awareness in the society about the members of the Transgender community, who are as Human as each one of us.
Trans-jan is an humble attempt to create awareness about the Transgender folks in Hindi language.
Trans-awareness can help people understand more about our fellow human beings who are very much a part of our society.
To join us in the programme, register at the given link: