Tapiben Chhaganlal Lalji Valia Junior College

Student Enhancement

Student Enhancement Committee aims at facilitating learning experiences of the student by organizing various programs to enhance their academics and also to provide solution to their problems related to academic achievement.

Interactive talk by Dr.Kiran Seth

On 9th Oct an interactive talk by Dr. Kiran Seth’s student was organised to create awareness and psychological orientation for maintaining and enhancing mental health of student .

Fire drill and disaster management

Fire drill and disaster management session was organized on 28th August for dealing with all humanitarian aspects of emergencies.

Mentoring Program

Mentioning program for student doing with their parents was organised on 28th August to solve their study related problems. The participation and inputs from students, parents and teachers made the program very valuable.

Moderator lectures for XII standard

At the end of the year, lecture service by moderators in various subjects was organised for students of XII STD to help them prepare better to face forth coming Board Examination successfully.

Students participated with enthusiasm and cleared their doubts related to academics as well as the requirements for the Board Examination.

Drama presentation by FYJC students

‘’Drama Section’’ included in English course book of F.Y.J.C. Our junior college student performed different skits based on the theme of each drama of Shakespeare, Henrik Ibsen, and Lady Gregory on 6th Feb 2020. This gave the student a platform to showcase their talent and bring out hidden skill in them.

The academic year ended with the Prize distribution of Youth Week where students were given trophies and certificate for shining in the Youth Week competitions. All in all it was an eventful year where students were able to showcase their hidden talents which helped them in growth and gave them wings to fly.

Awaiting for the coming year with many such surprises in store for our students- ones who are already there and new ones to come…

Drama presentation based on drama section of FYJC English Courses book



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